Passenger Train Schedule

Ticket Prices: Regular Train Car $5, Caboose Ride $6, Locomotive Cab Ride $10
Train Ride is approximately 15 minutes long.

6/19/21Passenger Train Rides (643 120th Birthday Bash)64310ish-4pm
6/19/21643 120th Birthday Ceremony6435pm
6/20/21Passenger Train Rides (643 120th Birthday Bash)6439amish-2pmish
7/4/21Passenger Train Rides 529am-12pm
7/17/21Passenger Train Rides (Train Days 2021)64310amsih-2pmish
7/18/21Passenger Train Rides (Train Days 2021)6439amish-2pmish
8/1/21Passenger Train Rides529am-12pm
8/15/21Passenger Train Rides 529am-12pm
8/29/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021)64310amish-7pmish
8/30/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021) 525pm-7pm
8/31/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021) 525pm-7pm
9/1/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021)522pm-7pm
9/2/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021) 521pm-7pm
9/3/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021)TBD12pm-7pm
9/4/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021)64312pm-7pm
9/5/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021)64312pm-7pm
9/6/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Steam Show 2021)529amish-1200pm**
9/19/21Passenger Train Rides 529am-12pm
10/3/21Passenger Train Rides 529am-12pm
10/23/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Fest 2021)529am-2pm
10/24/21Passenger Train Rides (Fall Fest 2021 and Halloween***)529am-12pm


**: Last day of show, trains may stop early due to low crowd.
***: Children in costume ride free when accompanied by a paying adult