Join our Railroad Team

The Williams Grove Railroad is operated entirely by our volunteers.  Without them the trains would not run.  They are the heart of our organization.  Volunteering on the Williams Grove Railroad provides the unique opportunity to be involved in the operation, preservation and presentation of our railroad history.  This is your chance to be the fireman, brakeman, or trainman, and with some experience, an engineer or conductor.  Beyond the operation of the trains keeping a railroad in operating condition is a year round job; there is always track work to be done or something that needs a new coat of paint.  
Beside working on our own railroad as a group we usually travel to another nearby historical railroad or museum during the year to enjoy railroad history with others that enjoy it.

We encourage anyone interested in becoming a volunteer to join us.  Besides the many skills that can be learned it is a great way to spend time with other people interested in railroading.  So please, come out and join us!

To learn more, you can e-mail us at, or come on out and give it a try!

Our Volunteers work on the railroad year round Saturday mornings, starting at around 8:30am.  There are also people working most Sundays.

Come out and join in the fun!

Note: All volunteers are required to join the Williams Grove Historical Steam Association.  If not already a member, membership can be obtained upon volunteering for the first time.  Membership is $20 a year.