About the WGRR

Operating as part of the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association the Williams Grove Railroad is located in Williams Grove, Pennsylvania, near the towns of Mechanicsburg and Dillsburg .  The WGHSEA was founded in 1959 to preserve and operate historic steam powered equipment.  It’s vision has since expanded to include historical machinery of all types.  In 1961 steam locomotive #5 was purchased by the WGHSEA from the defunct operations of Phoenix Iron and Steel Company in Harrisburg, PA. This locomotive, originally built by the Pennsylvania Railroad, became the backbone of the WGHSEA’s railroad operations. When it’s original number was rediscovered the #5 once again became the #643.  643 remains our pride and joy.  The WGRR operates for key events during the WGHSEA’s annual calendar, as well as for special events and other scheduled weekends.​