Train Show 2019 Update

Hello all. With the predicted excessive heat this weekend we have been getting inquires on if the Train Show scheduled for this coming weekend is still happening.  It Is.  Attached to this post is the full schedule of events for this weekend. 

We have also had inquires about if we will be running the steam locomotive.  Due to our small crew size and the predicted heat this has been much discussed internally. We have decided to make our best effort to run 643 on Saturday.  But due to the extreme heat we want to let you know that the substituting motive power with diesel #52 may occur at some time during the day if we feel the heat is just too much for our engine crew.  We all want to run steam for you this weekend, but the safety of our volunteers is of highest importance, we ask for your understanding in this matter. 

Motive power for Sunday is still up in the air and will be decided after we see how things go on Saturday.  This will be announced on Facebook and the Website on Saturday evening.  Again, we ask for your understanding. 

We know it is going to be hot, but we still hope to see you all at the Grove this weekend!

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