​​Diesel Electric Locomotive #52​

Engine #52 is the most recent addition to our stable.  #52 was built by the Vulcan Iron Works in Wilkes-Berry Pennsylvania in 1953.  It is a 65ton center cab diesel electric locomotive.  #52 was built for Pennsylvania Power and Light in 1953 as their number 3347.  Last in service at PP&L at their Martins Creek, PA location, the locomotive became surplus to them after that plant was converted from coal to natural gas.  #52 is somewhat rare as locomotives go, since the Vulcan Iron works only constructed 54 diesel locomotives over 25tons.  #52 was purchased by the WGHSEA in December of 2010.  #52 is used as a backup for #643, and also will operate as primary passenger power on certain dates.  #52 is available to be run by the general public as part of our Run a Locomotive program.